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May 31, 2016

Oh how we love to talk about war, but the real war is sometimes figuring how to clean a dirty bum in a moving vehicle with a bag of wet ones. Is it better to love than to be a fascist dictator over our little minions? This week Mike and I will discuss an educated approach towards raising kids. We discuss what really matters and build sand castles. Episode 8; an ode to Parenting.

May 24, 2016

I'm super excited about this week's episode. But apparently not as excited as the lipstick applicator emerging in red from son's chihuahuas pelvic region. If he would ever stop rubbing it on the clear glass window across from my workstation, I would be able to recount our venture to mushroom village, the differences between cacti and mushrooms, and most certainly I would remember the delicate details of the Japanese art of woodworking. It may be traumatic brain injury, it may a blue dreamy start, either way it was fun and I think we actually learned a bit too. Come one, come all, Sick Call's open for business and bad words.

May 17, 2016

On this week's SICK CALL we're smuggling illegal non pasteurized milk and laughing off solicitations for charitable donations. Eventually we discuss a story of a man and his seal, fresh out of water and home in a Texas culture shock, they're past the honeymoon stage and they're blaming one another. Its a hoot. We'll laugh together, and we'll watch democracy crumble before our eyes as the slot machines steal. I Love Vegas, all things Lone Survivor and shameless Roberta Lange. Join us.There will be fungus. And Mike blasts his mom's goat.

May 11, 2016

This week Mike and I try to understand what the hell happened to American Politics. How is it, that of 350 million people we have these "Dinner for Shmucks" worthy candidates? Is this really the best we got? There are some low points, there are some high points but it's all stoner logic so prepare yourself to be taken on a trip from within the clubhouse of an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang to the Impeachment Wing for past presidents of the BIG white house on Pennsylvania Ave. If you're into to hearing how Bernie Sanders is going to change the world and how we should wait for the policy counsel to help us, this ain't your podcast.

May 3, 2016

Special Guest code name "Charlie" reminisces his time growing upwith yours truly. Join Mike and I as we interview my dear friend and  enlistment buddy in this week's Sick Call. It will be an introduction  in veteran benefits and entitlements, a conduit for mockery and a story of redemption. We'll drive the Sour Diesel train and savor some Orange Cookies in this weeks journey from a continuation  high school to the halls of higher education and combat jump wings.


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